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Bisexuality isn’t just a stop to gay town by Eric Bridges

Eric Bridges

Bisexuality isn’t just a stop to gay town by Eric Bridges

When I came out I knew that I was gay because I didn’t like women—I wasn’t attracted to them in the least bit. I also thought that sexuality was very black and white—if you were heterosexual you liked the opposite sex, and if you were homosexual you liked the same sex. It seemed pretty clean cut and dry. I had heard about bisexual people, but I didn’t originally think that this could be people attracted to both the same and opposite sex. I thought, incorrectly, that bisexuality was just a rest stop to gay town. Part of this was ignorance, but, also, part of it was because I was having enough problems understanding and defining my own sexuality...

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A Couple of Guys: Over It All

A Couple of Guys is a weekly comic strip that follows the adventures of Eric Parker, an actor and waiter; his husband Joey Romelli, a police officer; and plenty of offbeat relatives, friends, bar acquaintances and pets.

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Des Moines Pride Center Grand Opening


Des Moines Pride Center to hold grand opening on National Coming Out Day. Stop by between 1-4PM at Sherman Hill’s Mickle Center located at 1620 Pleasant St., Ste. 244 for tours and their annual Coming Out Day Celebration.

The Des Moines Pride Center will share it’s coming out story and will have a brief presentation. Then the board of directors will be on hand to give tours of the center. Come by and enjoy some cake and share your coming out story.

“In a post-marriage Iowa, the community needs a new kind of LGBT service organization and that’s the Des Moines Pride Center,” said President Marty Moore. “We’re here to serve Central Iowans and provide a safe space for supportive and social activities.”

The Des Moines Pride Center provides individuals with a safe space on their toward acceptanc...

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Supreme Court declines to review same-sex marriage cases

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

The Supreme Court on Monday decided not to review rulings that cleared the way for same-sex marriage in Virginia, Utah, Oklahoma, Indiana and Wisconsin, a surprising decision that shows the court is comfortable with the expansion of such unions throughout the nation.

The court’s decision came without explanation and puts off a decision about the constitutionality of gay marriage that would apply to all 50 states. But it sent a clear signal that a majority of the court did not feel the need to overturn lower court decisions that found state prohibitions were unconstitutional.

Marriages had been on hold in the five states that were before the court, and it now appears same-sex unions there can begin immediately.…

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Friends of Iowa Civil Rights Honor US Senator Tom Harkin, Tami Haught and Judith Morrell

Friends of Iowa Civil Rights

Friends of Iowa Civil Rights has named Tami Haught and Judith Morrell recipients of the 2014 Annual Friends of Iowa Civil Rights Award. The Elizabeth Kruidenier Friends of Iowa Civil Rights Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded to US Senator Tom Harkin.

The Friends of Iowa Civil Rights Awards are presented annually in four different categories based on a significant contribution in promoting civil rights in Iowa during the past five years. Honorees fought against hate crimes or sexual harassment; discrimination in education, housing or employment; and age, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, or race and national origin discrimination. Nominees are selected on merit, not endorsement.
Friday October 17, 2014 from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM CDT


Des Moines Emba...

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Munson: The spirit of Gary lives on in Spencer


David Jacobsen still chokes up at the mere mention of his late brother.

“Let me breathe a while,” he said, pausing and letting loose with a big exhale as he glanced away with tears in his eyes.

Jacobsen, 59, is a prominent businessman in real estate, insurance and property management here in his hometown.

But his older brother, Gary, fled upon graduating from high school in 1971 and never lived here again — until he was so sick that he spent a winter under the attentive care of his family.

Gary was 41 when he died 20 years ago Thursday — Oct. 9, 1994 — from complications of AIDS.…

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Trial ordered in Minnesota killing of north Iowa native

men kiss

A 44-year-old man will stand trial for allegedly killing his ex-boyfriend and business partner at a suburban St. Paul gas station.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports a judge found probable cause Friday for the case to move to trial.

Lyle Hoffman pleaded not guilty Friday to intentional second-degree murder in the shooting of 48-year-old Kelly Phillips, a Mason City native and executive at Boston Scientific executive, at an Arden Hills gas station August 11th.…

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Iowa governor: I wasn’t aware commissioner is gay

Terry Branstad

Gov. Terry Branstad and top aides say they weren’t aware that a former state official was gay when the governor asked him to resign and cut his pay.

In affidavits filed last week, Branstad, Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds and four aides said Christopher Godfrey wasn’t singled out because of sexual orientation.

Godfrey, the state’s former workers’ compensation commissioner, is suing over what he calls their heavy-handed and illegal attempts to force his resignation.…

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What happened when a gay coach in Iowa came out to his homophobic friends?

university of iowa hawkeyes

All of us have key turning points in our lives, moments where we can look back and say that, because of this or that moment, we were able to move forward in some way in my life.

For me that moment was at an Iowa Hawkeyes basketball game.  I was there with my friend of many years. We had run cross-country together in high school, ran occasionally after high school, and went to many Iowa basketball and football games.

After a Hawkeye win at a basketball game the band always plays the same song: “In heaven there is no beer that’s why we drink it here, and when we’re gone from here our friends will be drinking all the beer.” They play it two or three times.

After this particular win last December my friend told me about this “great” idea he had for new lyrics to the song.

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