Cartoon : CNBC Outs Apple’s Tim Cook


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Cosmopolitan’s Lesbian Sex Positions Guide Has Got Tongues Wagging (And For All The Right Reasons)

Lesbian Kiss

Cosmopolitan magazine is well-known for its sex advice, but until recently its content has focussed almost entirely on heterosexual sex.

Now, in a new coming of age (ignore the pun), Cosmopolitan has expanded to feature more gay and lesbian-friendly content. Hurrah.

Their most recent offering? A fully-illustrated online feature called ’28 Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions’, including our personal favourites ‘The Laconic Lounger’ and ‘The Rocket’…

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Fort Worth Police Video Reaches Out to Gay Recruits


This is unexpected. The Fort Worth Police Department made national news five years ago when they engaged in a Stonewall-style raid on the gay bar The Rainbow Lounge. The Fort Worth PD is now attempting to repair its relationship with the gay community by reaching out with a recruitment video featuring out gay officer Chris Gorrie to display the increased diversity and sensitivity now present in the police department.

While it’s nice that the Ft. Worth PD is trying to improve its image and relations with the public, there’s still some work to be done. Gorrie himself even makes excuses for discrimination in his video with implications that an officer should prove himself before coming out and engages in a little victim-blaming…

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Second state judge finds Florida same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional


A second state judge in as many weeks struck down Florida’s same-sex marriage ban as unconstitutional in a ruling handed down Friday that only applies to Miami-Dade County.

Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel found Florida law prohibiting same-sex marriage violates the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the U.S. Constitution and also offends “basic human dignity.”

“The flood of cases that have come out since Windsor amply demonstrates this truth as not one court has found a same-sex marriage ban to be constitutional,” Zabel wrote...

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ExxonMobil to Comply with LGBT Executive Order


In a statement to the AP, ExxonMobil spokesman Alan Jeffers said the company will continue to “abide by the law,” adding that it prohibits “discrimination on any basis.” He wouldn’t say if that meant changing the language in the company’s formal equal employment opportunity policy.

For 15 straight years, most recently in May, ExxonMobil shareholders have overwhelmingly voted down proposals to create specific LGBT protections. The proposal this year won 20 percent of voters holding roughly $41.5 billion in Exxon stock. The company claims that it has a “zero-tolerance” policy for discrimination, but the Securities and Exchange Commission has pointed out that this does not offer the same legal force as the regularly-rejected protections would…

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Michigan Democrat Adam Zemke wants to ban Michigan ex-gay therapies for minors


Michigan Democrat Adam Zemke has put a bill before his state’s House of Representative that seeks to ban so-called ‘ex-gay’ or ‘reparative’ therapies on minors that seek to alter a person’s sexuality.

Representative Zemke hopes Michigan can join California and New Jersey in banning attempts to ‘cure’ under-18’s of their sexuality while efforts to do the same in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York state have been blocked or stalled.

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Steps to end Illinois transgender insurance bias


Several Illinois-based advocacy groups joined together today to praise the Illinois Department of Insurance for taking a crucial first step in addressing discrimination against Illinois transgender insurance coverage.

The groups — the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, Lambda Legal and the TransLife Center of Chicago House & Social Service Agency — have a long history of working for the rights of LGBT people and people living with HIV.


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ACLU Asking Judges To Toss Out North Carolina Gay Marriage Ban


Lawyers for three same-sex couples say they will ask judges to thrown out North Carolina’s ban on gay marriages.

Monday, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in in Richmond ruled that Virginia’s constitutional and statutory provisions barring gay marriage and denying recognition of such unions performed in other states violate the U.S. Constitution.

North Carolina is also in the 4th Circuit, and federal judges in the state have to abide by the higher court ruling when deciding cases…

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Kyle Kingsbury Macho, Pants-Dropping UFC Fighter Deserves a Standing Ovation

Kyle Kingsbury

Ultimate fighters are known for being the toughest of the tough. But that doesn’t mean they can’t get a little cheeky when equality is on the line.

Just before he retired, dynamic mixed martial artist Kyle Kingsbury issued a statement that would resonate much longer than his last bout against Patrick Cummins. As he stepped up to the scales on Friday for the ritualistic weigh-in, the hulky Kingsbury, sporting a new beard and a fanny pack, revealed a pair of skimpy “Legalize Gay” underwear.

It was a momentous fight for Kingsbury, even before he took off his pants...

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VA Rejects Proposal to End Discrimination Against Military Sexual Assault Survivors


VA Rejects Proposal to End Discrimination Against Military Sexual Assault Survivors

Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) and Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) sued the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for denying their petition for rulemaking to change regulations that discriminate against thousands of veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused by rape, sexual assault, or harassment during military service. The lawsuit aims to end gender disparities and discriminatory policies at the VA which the organizations believe are a violation of equal protection under the law.

Veterans who experience physical, mental, and or emotional struggles related to their service are entitled to seek disability compensation from the VA...

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Nominations Sought for 2014 Friends of Iowa Civil Rights Award

Friends of Iowa Civil Rights

Friends of Iowa Civil Rights is seeking nominations for the 2014 Annual Friends of Iowa Civil Rights Awards.

Awards are given to individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions in promoting civil rights in Iowa over the past two years in each of the following categories: individual, business, non-profit/community organizations, and youth/young adult. Friends will award the annual awards at the FRIENDS of Iowa Civil Rights Awards Luncheon on Friday, October 17th.

Friends of Iowa Civil Rights, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization established to educate individuals and groups on civil rights, assist civil rights efforts statewide, and recognize individuals and groups who have championed the cause of civil rights.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, August 29, 2...

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