Cartoon : CNBC Outs Apple’s Tim Cook


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Nominations Sought for 2014 Friends of Iowa Civil Rights Award

Friends of Iowa Civil Rights

Friends of Iowa Civil Rights is seeking nominations for the 2014 Annual Friends of Iowa Civil Rights Awards.

Awards are given to individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions in promoting civil rights in Iowa over the past two years in each of the following categories: individual, business, non-profit/community organizations, and youth/young adult. Friends will award the annual awards at the FRIENDS of Iowa Civil Rights Awards Luncheon on Friday, October 17th.

Friends of Iowa Civil Rights, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization established to educate individuals and groups on civil rights, assist civil rights efforts statewide, and recognize individuals and groups who have championed the cause of civil rights.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, August 29, 2...

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In the flesh: A fresh take on Zombies with a “gay” twist

Eric Bridges_cropped

In the flesh: A fresh take on Zombies with a “gay” twist by Eric Bridges

Review of the BBC show “In the Flesh”

Are you tired of the same old zombie movie or show? Well, have no fear your gay geek is here! With a look at “In the Flesh”, a unique and queer take on the genre. I feel the BBC has really taken the zombie story to a whole new level.
The story of “In the Flesh” deals with Kieren, a young man who committed suicide during a time called ‘The Rising’ and was brought back to life as a rabid zombie that killed people. A cure was found causing the dead to have tIn the Fleshheir consciousness back, which allows them to be integrated into normal society. Yet, due to the way that zombies were before the cure, they face a lot of prejudice and hate. Flash Forward to Kieren being brought back to his home town, where he faces a whole mess of problems from a resentful sister, overbearing parents, and discrimination.

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Acclaimed ‘supermodel’ Andreja Pejic comes out as transgender

Andreja Pejic

Bosnian-born supermodel Andreja Pejic, known for her striking androgyny, has come out as transgender, announcing on social media Thursday that she’s transitioned from male to female, and that doing so has saved her life.

The acclaimed model, who has appeared on covers of Elle and French Vogue, said she will only be modeling women’s fashion going forward and that her agency supports her transition.

“As a transgender woman I hope to show that after transition (a life-saving process) one can be happy and successful in their new chapter,” she said, in a post on Facebook…

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Police chief admits signing Tea Party leader up to gay dating and porn sites


A police chief in the US state of Wisconsin has pleaded no contest to charges of signing a local Tea Party leader up to gay porn and dating sites.

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Republican Michele Bachmann Suggests Gay People are Predators and Polygamists

Michele Bachmann

US right wing republican Michele Bachmann, who is currently running for re-ection for her seat in the House of Representative has let fly on air with a tirade against LGBT people, suggesting they are predators and polygamists.

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Minnesota lawmakers ask Vikings to afflict harsher punishment on Mike Priefer

Minnesota Vikings

Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe isn’t the only one upset about the three-game suspension drawn by special teams coordinator Mike Priefer for anti-gay remarks made in a conversation with Kluwe. According to a July 26 report by local NBC affiliate KARE 11, a group of state lawmakers are also asking the Vikings to deal more harshly with Priefer.

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Iowa HIV diagnoses over 45 reach all-time high in 2013


Prevalence of the HIV/AIDS virus in Iowa has stayed relatively stable for the past several years, with neither dramatic increases or decreases in the number of cases.

But one of Iowa’s top HIV/AIDS supervisors said that means the disease isn’t going away any time soon, despite decades of improvement in medical technology and research that are allowing patients to live longer.

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AG wants to halt clerk’s Colorado gay marriage licenses


Colorado Attorney General John Suthers is asking the state Supreme Court to force the Boulder County clerk to stop issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples, arguing she’s causing Coloradans to lose faith in their government.

In an unusual motion filed late Sunday evening, Suthers acknowledged that a federal judge last week declared unconstitutional the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, but said the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately needs to decide. The federal judge who struck down that ban last week also said his order wouldn’t go into effect for a month, giving higher courts time to review it…

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Appeals Court Strikes Down Virginia Gay Marriage Ban


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit ruled Monday that Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

The 2-1 ruling upheld a previous decision issued earlier this year by a Virginia district court, which struck down the state’s ban on gay marriages.

“Virginia has failed to advance a compelling state interest justifying its definition of marriage as between only a man and a woman,” reads the ruling. “Virginia’s laws declining to recognize same-sex marriage infringe the fundamental right to marriage and are therefore unconstitutional.”…

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A Couple of Guys : Career Daze

A Couple of Guys

Career Daze

A Couple of Guys is a weekly comic strip that follows the adventures of Eric Parker, an actor and waiter; his husband Joey Romelli, a police officer; and plenty of offbeat relatives, friends, bar acquaintances and pets.

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