Cartoon : CNBC Outs Apple’s Tim Cook


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Attorney asks judge to bypass trial and issue ruling in North Dakota gay marriage case

north dakota flag

The Minneapolis attorney representing the seven same-sex couples challenging North Dakota gay marriage ban is asking a judge to bypass a trial and issue a ruling.

Attorney Joshua Newville filed a motion for summary judgment late Tuesday while also responding to the state’s motion to dismiss the case.

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Maryland extends health care coverage to Maryland trans state employees

maryland map

Maryland will now cover procedures and other transition-related health care of its transgender state employees under a new policy the Free State Legal Project announced on Tuesday.

The so-called Gender Dysphoria Benefit, which takes effect immediately, covers hormone therapy, surgical procedures and other “transition-related treatment that is medically necessary.” The new policy applies to employees and retirees who are enrolled in the state’s health benefit program, along with their spouses and dependents.

Free State Legal Project on Tuesday said the announcement came in response to a 2013 complaint it filed against the state on behalf of Sailor Holobaugh, a University of Maryland-Baltimore employee whose request to receive reimbursement for what his doctors deemed a medically neces...

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US appeals court tosses Oklahoma gay marriage ban


A federal appeals court ruled Friday that Oklahoma must allow gay couples to wed, prompting a fast, angry response from leaders of a state that has vehemently fought policy changes brought on from outside its borders.

A three-judge panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver upheld a federal judge’s ruling striking down Oklahoma gay marriage ban, which had been approved by more than 75 percent of voters in 2004. Friday’s decision marks the second time the federal appeals court has found the U.S. Constitution protects same-sex marriage.

The court put its 2-1 ruling on hold pending an appeal, meaning same-sex couples won’t be allowed to marry in Oklahoma for now…

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True Blood Actor Speaks Out On Ex-Costar’s Anti-Gay Behavior: ‘I’m Over Him’

Luke Grimes

When “True Blood” returned for its seventh and final season earlier this summer, fans immediately noticed that one crucial character had a different face — James, the studly vampire who entered the show in season six to romance Deborah Ann Woll’s character, Jessica, was now being played by a new actor, Nathan Parsons.

The actor who initially played James, Luke Grimes, issued a statement saying that his abrupt departure “had nothing to do with storylines” and more to do with other opportunities. (He’ll be appearing in 2015′s sure-to-be megahit “Fifty Shades of Grey,” for example.) And HBO, for its part, attributed his decision to “the creative direction of the character.”

But once it became clear that Grimes’ former character was bisexual, and headed for romance with...

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Judge Won’t Lift Florida Keys Gay Marriage Stay


A Florida Keys judge who last week ruled the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional refused Monday to allow gay couples to begin marrying in Monroe County, citing a pending appeal by the state attorney general.

Monroe County Circuit Judge Luis Garcia rejected a motion to allow immediate weddings filed by attorneys for Aaron Huntsman and William Lee Jones, a pair of Key West bartenders whose lawsuit successfully challenged the ban. Garcia ruled last week that the Florida Keys gay marriage ban added to the state constitution by Florida voters in 2008 is discriminatory and violates gay people’s right to equal treatment under the law.

Garcia initially ruled marriage licenses could be issued in Monroe County beginning Tuesday to gay couples...

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GLAAD Report: Only 17 Major Studio Movies in 2013 Had LGBT Characters

The Hangover Part 3

The advocacy group also found that many of those depictions were offensive

On Tuesday, the LGBT advocacy group GLAAD released its second-ever annual run-down of depictions of gay, bisexual and transgender characters in major Hollywood movies, the Studio Responsibility Index. The organization took a look at 102 major studio releases from 2013, and found that not much had changed: about 17% of the movies examined contained LGBT characters, versus last year’s 14%; about 7% of them passed the “Vito Russo Test” — GLAAD’s way of measuring whether a depiction is both positive and substantial — versus last year’s 6%.

Though the number has increased slightly in both counts, only one character out of a whole cast is needed to move a movie into the “yes” column — and many of the films t...

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Cheers to Summer: 10 Must-Have Drink Recipes to Sip in the Sun


Cheers to Summer: 10 Must-Have Drink Recipes to Sip in the Sun by Mikey Rox

1. Cherry POM

While Southern Comfort-loving frat boys are slinging back Soco and Limes like their paddles depend on it – because heterosexuality is only 55 proof in a house with wall-to-wall dudes – you can take a more sophisticated approach to the New Orleans-born spirit by serving up these come-to-papa Cherry POMs poolside this summer.

1 1/4 oz Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry
2 oz lemonade
1 oz pomegranate juice
Lemon twist garnish

Combine liquids in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake to blend. Strain into
large rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with lemon twist.

2. Green Iced Tea

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At Prunella’s Car Wash

Prunella Car Wash 2010_5

At Prunella’s Car Wash by Angela Geno-Stumme

Soaps, suds, and nearly naked men and women will be washing your car for a cause this Sunday, July 27th at Prunella’s Annual Car Wash. This year the car wash is being hosted by The Garden Nightclub with proceeds going to PITCH (Positive Iowans Taking Charge), a non-profit HIV+ group, starting at 1 p.m. in Des Moines, Iowa. Prunella DeVille (Jim Baldridge Garst) reactivated the Annual Car Wash 4 years ago, and this year for a donation of $10 a car; you will also be able to have a hot dog or burger, with chips, cookies, bottled water…and of course all the soapy water action you desire from the squidgy volunteers!

The car wash had been an irregular event, starting sometime in 2000s, prior to Jim’s revival of it. His motivation to revive the event stemmed from his work with the AIDS Project of Central Iowa. Jim felt it would be a great fundraiser for The Project and stated, “I thought with my connections as a drag performer it was a no-brainer to get some young men in the community to help me out.”

Prunella Car Wash 2010

This year the organization that will be benefiting from the car wash is PITCH. Jim thought long and hard about which organization to choose, remembering the fact that the car wash has always benefitted HIV/AIDS causes, and he wanted to keep it that way.

“I have been an activist in the HIV/AIDS arena since the late 80s,” said Jim. “In central Iowa there isn’t much choice—and The Project is a great cause of course—but PITCH is so small, yet so important. I went with them, and am tickled to do so!”


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Support LGBT Workplace Equality is Good For Business

White House, LGBT Flag

America is built on the fundamental promise that if you work hard, and play by the rules, you can get ahead. But today, millions of Americans in most states in the country go to work every day fearing that they could lose their jobs simply because of who they are or who they love. No current federal law adequately protects lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) workers from employment discrimination. This is completely contrary to our values as Americans – and it’s also bad for business.

President Obama declared 2014 a year of action – working with Congress where they’re willing, but acting where he can when they refuse to take action...

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